Who is harvey fierstein dating

By Marilyn Stasio The inspiration for Harvey Fierstein’s “Casa Valentina” was a discreet sanctuary in the Catskills where manly men (with wives and children and other baggage) could get their kicks in the bottled-up…

By Gordon Cox Broadway types really know how to get into the Christmas spirit.

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I’ve asked [2ST artistic director] Carole Rothman to call the evening simply, Torch Song, and let’s see what truths we can preserve, what histories we can rediscover and what futures we can forge together.

By Debra Birnbaum Jennifer Hudson and Harvey Fierstein have signed on to NBC's "Hairspray Live! Hudson will play Motormouth Maybelle, while Fierstein will star as Edna…

By Malina Saval Cyndi lauper has long been a staunch and high-profile champion of humanitarian rights, including for those in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. By Malina Saval It's hard to imagine a more simpatico creative pairing than Cyndi Lauper and Harvey Fierstein.

Broderick's first major acting role came in an HB Studio workshop production of playwright Horton Foote's On Valentine's Day, playing opposite his father, who was a friend of Foote's.

This was followed by a supporting role as Harvey Fierstein's gay adopted son, David, in the Off-Broadway production of Fierstein's Torch Song Trilogy; then, a good review by The New York Times theater critic Mel Gussow brought him to the attention of Broadway.

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