Updating meta tags

Furthermore, your meta tags can be fully customized as you please.

Meta elements provide information about a given webpage, and are most often used to help search engines categorize pages correctly.

The META tag has one main purpose: To better describe your Web page to the spider programs that gather Web information for search engines.

Some search engines depend heavily on the contents of META tags to decide how to index pages for use in search results, and to find a description of the page to use in the search results themselves.

With HTML up to and including HTML 4.01 and XHTML, there were four valid attributes: element describes the contents of a web page.

Meta elements provide information about the web page, which can be used by search engines to help categorize the page correctly.

You also have the ability to manually specify your own custom meta tags for each product if you wish.

Multiple Meta elements with different attributes can be used on the same page.

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