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Some transgender people have body dysphoria and pursue medical means (e.g.

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Those straddling the sides could easily fall into the sea.

Officially, at least five thousand and ninety-eight migrants died in the Mediterranean last year, but Libya’s coastline is more than a thousand miles long, and nobody knows how many boats sink without ever being seen. “Follow it.” Each boat left with only enough fuel to reach international waters.

She wondered if God had visited her mother in dreams and shown her that she was alive. The Mediterranean route has also become a kind of pressure-release valve for countries affected by corruption and extreme inequality.

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See the Useful Notes on Transgender people for a more Real Life-oriented and complete description.In many cases, the woman in a transactional sexual relationship may remain faithful to her boyfriend, while he may have multiple sexual partners.In both of these cases, transactional sex presents an increased risk of HIV infection.The latter is an outdated word from a time when sex and gender were considered synonymous, until it was realized that your biological sex isn't the end-all decisive factor on whether a person is male or female (it's mostly related to brain structure; since nature isn't perfect, a small sub-percentage of the population will develop a brain structure opposite to their biological sex, causing the disconnect, which is often described as having to wear a terrible itchy sweater and being unable to take it off).Note that changing/living out one's gender with support of medication and operations does not change one's biological sex, which is important to know for doctors doing any given threatment.

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