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Mercury concentrations were higher in stilts (geometric mean: 1.09 microg g(-1) wet weight [ww]) than in avocets (0.25 microg g(-1) ww) and males (stilts: 1.32 microg g(-1) ww; avocets: 0.32 microg g(-1) ww) had higher levels than females (stilts: 1.15 microg g(-1) ww; avocets: 0.21 microg g(-1) ww).

Mercury concentrations were highest for both species at the southern end of San Francisco Bay, especially in salt pond A8 (stilts: 3.31 microg g(-1) ww; avocets: 0.58 microg g(-1) ww).

Radio telemetry data showed that birds had strong fidelity to their capture site.

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