Accommodating anlami

University Square accommodation is perfectly placed to enjoy the many attractions and facilities Southend has to offer.

There are seven houses around a central enclosed courtyard and each contains flats for eight to ten students with shared kitchens.

We use these words very often when we describe things and we often find them in dictionary definitions: Kind of and sort of are very common expressions in speaking.

They soften other words and phrases so that they do not appear too direct or exact.

Türkçe kelime anlamı Konaklama olan Accommodation kelimesinin kullanıldığı toplam 20 adet cümle bulundu.

together, on end aaneenvoegen = join, unite aan elkaar lijmen = agglutinate aan elkaar vastmaken = connect, join aan flarden gescheurd = tattered aanflitsen = burn, catch, flash on, strike, take fire aanfloepen = burn, catch, flash on, strike, take fire aanfluiting = mockery, mockery aangaan = make a noise, burn, catch, flash on, strike, take fire, form, shape, concern, make a contract, concern, relate aangaan bij = call at ...'s house, call on aangaande = about, concerning, about, concerning, on, upon, as to, as regards, concerning aangapen = gape, gawk, gape at aangebedene = adored one aangeboren = congenital, inborn, inbred, innate, native aangebrand = burnt aangedaan = affected, seized with emotion aangegrepen = affected, seized with emotion aangeklaagde = accused, defendant aangeleerd = acquired, learnt aangelegenheid = affair, business, business deal, case, matter, interest aangenaam = agreeable, enjoyable, lovely, nice, pleasant, agreeably, comfortably, pleasantly aangenaamheid = pleasantness aangenomen = adoptive, adopted, job- aangenomen dat = supposing that aangenomen kind = adoptive child aangenomen worden = affiliate aangepast = adapted aangeschoten = tipsy, winged, wounded aangespen = gird aangestoken = unsound, worm-eaten aangetekend = registered aangetekende brief = registered letter aangetrouwd = -in-law, by marriage, related by marriage aangeven = declare, state, accuse, denounce, give, register, register, indicate, suggest, pass, spend, indicate, point out, show, convey, hand, hand over aangevuld worden = become complete aangezicht = face aangezichtspijn = face-ache, tic aangezien = because, for the reason that, as, because, for, since aangifte = declaration, proclamation, statement, accusation aangiftebiljet = tax form aangorden = gird aangrenzend = adjacent, adjacent, adjoining, adjacent, nearby, neighbouring aangrijpen = affect, assault, attack, clutch, grab, grasp, grip, seize, move, stir, affect, agitate, move aangrijpend = affecting, moving, touching aangroei = accretion, growth, increase aangroeien = accrue, increase, augment, grow aangroeiend = accumulative aan haar = her, to her aanhaken = hitch on, hook on aanhalen = attract, cite, quote aanhalig = affectionate, caressing, cuddlesome, cuddly aanhaling = citation, quotation, caress, chuck, stroke aanhalingsteken = inverted comma, quotation mark, quote aanhalingstekens = quotation marks, quotes, inverted commas aanhang = adherents, disciples, following, party, supporters, followers, party members aanhangen = stick, adhere to aanhanger = acolyte, adept, adherent, acolyte, adherent, acolyte, member, supporter aanhangig = pending aanhangig maken = bring before, lay before, take up aanhangsel = accessory, side-issue, addition, adjunct, appendix aanhangwagen = trailer aanhankelijk = affectionate, devoted, selfless, devoted, selfless aanhankelijkheid = adherence, attachment, affection aanharken = rake aanhebben = wear aanhechten = affix, attach aanhechting = attachment aanhechtsel = affix aanhef = beginning, commencement, start aan hem = him, to him aan het = the, to the aan het einde = at the back, behind, in the rear aanhoren = listen aanhouden = arrest, continue, hold, last, continue, endure, keep on, last, halt, stop, persevere, persist, pursue one's point, adjourn, delay, postpone, keep ...

There is also a selection of self-contained studio flats suitable for either single or couple occupancy, with their own kitchenette and en suite bathroom.

There are a number of studio flats adapted for wheelchair users. Our department and admissions staff can answer any questions you have, and you can speak to current students about life at Essex while taking a campus tour.

These questions and answers focus on the requirements of one specific law, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.

This law often is called simply "Section 504." Section 504 is not the only law that prohibits disability discrimination in programs receiving HUD funds or financial assistance. This means that Section 504 prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in any program or activity that receives financial assistance from any federal agency, including the U. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as well as in programs conducted by federal agencies including HUD. HUD's regulations for Section 504 that apply to federally assisted programs may be found in the Code of Federal Regulations at 24 CFR Part 8.

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